Join Clearwater and the PHI Protection Network on November 7 for a Live Webinar

You may have read the latest PPN (PHI Protection Network) White Paper, "The Financial Impact of Breached Protected Health Information: 2017 Update," earlier this year.


The White Paper, featuring Contributing Author, Clearwater CFO Mary Chaput & Members of the PPN, focused on the new threat agents, tools for ransomware attacks and new vulnerabilities for medical devices & applications that have surfaced over the last five years. The expanded attack surface of healthcare and these developments have increased the ease and rewards of stealing health information.


Now, in a first-of-its-kind series, PPN is delivering a set of live webinars that expand upon the critical insights, strategies and recommendations for securing protected health information that we first saw in the White Paper.


Register for Nov 7 PPN Webinar


Clearwater is honored to be part of the interactive network of PHI protectors and solution providers delivering two live webinars on November 7 & 14.


On November 7, 2017 at 1pm ET, join Clearwater and PPN for From Compliance to Active Information Risk Management | A Deeper Look Into Risk Management and Risk Analyses,”  featuring Bob Chaput, CEO of Clearwater Compliance; Rick Kam, President & Co-founder, ID Experts; and Robert Lord, Co-founder & President, Protenus.


The webinar is designed to help covered entities (CEs) and business associates (BAs) understand and act on the importance of maturing an information risk management program.


Attendees will learn:

  • What constitutes an OCR-quality risk analysis
  • What constitutes OCR-quality risk management
  • The latest resources and guidance available to assure OCR-quality risk analyses and risk management


Stay tuned to the Clearwater blog for more information about the Nov 14 webinar.

About the Author: Clearwater


Clearwater helps healthcare organizations ensure patient safety and improve the quality of care by safeguarding the confidentiality, integrity and availability of protected health information (PHI). We have assisted more than 400 customers to operationalize and mature their information privacy, security, compliance and information risk management programs. And in the process, we are raising the bar for safeguarding PHI, protecting millions of Americans and driving real value for the organizations we support and the healthcare industry at large.

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