An Update on OCR activities- March 2018

Marianne Kolbasuk McGee just reported that Roger Severino, HHS OCR Director, has told ISMG that there will be no Phase 3 HIPAA compliance audits, rather the information gleaned from the Phase 2 Audits will be analyzed for “putting them into a usable form of best practices.” 


He did tell the audience at the HIMSS18 conference that, while he wishes the number of OCR investigations would decline due to increased compliance, unfortunately that has not been the case to date, and he is still looking for that big, juicy egregious case.”  He mentioned in his presentation that there is an ongoing review by OCR to determine if “undue burden” on the healthcare industry might be reduced: “can the benefits and outcomes outweigh the costs. 


Cass Sunstein published a report on March 1st  for Bloomberg View about the Trump administration’s draft of its annual report on the “costs and benefits of federal regulations” as required by the Regulatory Right-to-Know Act of 2000 finding, in summary, that “the benefits of previous regulations far exceeded their costs.” 


While healthcare is not specifically mentioned in the article, McGee reported that Severino concluded “We're going a take a comprehensive look to make sure [existing regulations] are not out of date and have undue burden. 

About the Author: Mary Chaput

Mary Chaput

Mary has 35 years of international and domestic business experience spanning the healthcare, information services, manufacturing and venture capital consulting industries. She is Clearwater’s CFO and Compliance Officer. As an experienced corporate CFO and risk manager, Mary works actively with customers and prospects to identify and prioritize their risks and to develop effective remediation plans within their budgets.

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